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6.0MM DIC Flex Uncuffed Tracheostomy Tube 

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6.0MM DIC Flex Uncuffed Tracheostomy Tube 
Product Features: Tubes are available in cuffed or uncuffed styles and five color-coded adult sizes. Color-coding throughout the D.I.C. line enables caregivers to quickly identify and size tubes and related inner cannula. Snap-in obturator makes placement of tube safe and easy. Flex D.I.C. tracheostomy tubes come with an obturator, Velcro trach tube holder, and one color-coded inner cannula. Cuffed Flex D.I.C. tubes come with a Soft-Sealcuff, providing a high-volume, low-pressure seal that reduces the potential for patient trauma 504060 - 6.0MM DIC flex uncuffed tracheostomy tube, 1/ea