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7MM Cuffled Tracheostomy Tube with DIC 

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7MM Cuffled Tracheostomy Tube with DIC 
Product Features: Patients can be ventilated with or without the inner cannula in place. The sterile, single-use inner cannula is easily inserted and removed. Included with each tube is an obturator with an exclusive snap-on feature that helps prevent it from inadvertently falling out during insertion of the tracheostomy tube. The clear, soft, pliable flange allows for maximum patient comfort and anatomical conformity, enabling the caregiver to view and easily access the stoma site for cleaning. All D.I.C. tracheostomy tubes come with an obturator, Velcro trach tube holder, and one color-coded inner cannula. Fenestrated tubes also include a decannulation cap. 503070 - 7MM Cuffle TT with DIC, 1/ea