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Abena AA43056 Abri-Form Premium Brief-Small Breathable Cloth-66/Case

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Abena AA43056 Abri-Form Premium Brief-Small Breathable Cloth-66/Case
Abri-Form PREMIUM Briefs are more than "cloth-like," they are completely "breathable." The skin needs to breathe. Abena's PREMIUM Air Plus products allow it to do so while at the same time minimizing any risks of leakage and thereby making the products from Abena unique. Humidity and heat is transported away from the skin and urine and liquids remain inside the product. The advantages of this technology are that the skin is kept dry, temperature is being normalized, and a significant reduction of developing diaper dermatitis. Furthermore, the cloth-like backsheet is soundless and discretion of the user is ensured. Abri-Form PREMIUM Briefs have been released with different absorption capacities based on four levels: Level 1 thru Level 4. All Abri-Form Briefs feature soft standing leakage barriers, refastenable tape or velcro tabs, an elastic waistband, and unsurpassed quality of construction. And most importantly, Abri-Form Briefs absorb more than U.S. manufactured products. For example, just one Level 4 brief offers up to four times the absorbency of a typical store-brand product. Product Code: Abena-AA43056-Case Manufacturer Part #/SKU: AA43056-Case UPC: 791090876810 Warranty: 0 year(s)

  • Size: 23.5 to 33.5"
  • Capacity: 2200 ml