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Celestial Seasonings Antioxidant Green Tea Supplement

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Celestial Seasonings Antioxidant Green Tea Supplement

This smooth blend of authentic green tea and delicate white tea provides all the benefits of green tea and great taste. It has added Vitamin A and antioxidant Vitamin C plus a breezy citrus sweetness reminiscent of old-fashioned lemonade.

Antioxidant Green Tea gives you all of the health benefits of green tea and more in each delightfully refreshing cup..

  • By neutralizing free radicals, this tea with antioxidants helps your body maintain its natural good health..
  • Each serving delivers 110% of your Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of Vitamin C, 20% of your RDI for Vitamin E, plus Vitamin A as beta carotene..
  • We add energizing Siberian ginseng for even more lift..
  • Enjoy the delicious citrus flavor in Antioxidant Green Tea hot or iced..
  • 100% Natural, This product contains all-natural herbs and flavors, and no artificial colors or preservatives..
  • Gluten Free..
  • Contains Caffeine..
  • Natural lemon and orange flavors with other natural flavors, roasted chicory root, and stevia leaves.