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Certol ProEZ 2™ Dual Enzymatic Detergent in 1 oz. Unit Dose Tubes - 24/Box

Certol ProEZ 2 Dual Enzymatic Detergent in 1 oz. Unit Dose Tubes

ProEZ 2 is a low foaming, neutral pH, dual enzymatic detergent for cleaning medical and dental instruments. ProEZ 2 is especially useful for cleaning complex organic soils in box locks, serrations and endoscopes. May be used as a presoak or in manual, ultrasonic and automated cleaning systems.<br>Manufacturer Item Code : PREZU24

  • Get the most effective true dual enzyme detergent on the market
  • Extra enzyme cleaning power (protease and amylase)
  • Ideal for heavier blood soils including oral surgery, periodontal instruments, jointed and tubular items
  • Available in convenient unit dose tubes
  • Concentrated: One ounce makes one to two gallons of solution
  • May be used as holding solution or in ultrasonic cleaners
  • Neutral pH and safe for delicate instruments
  • Powerful surfactants added into the formula aid the enzyme cleaning action
  • Water softening and chelating agents work to prevent the minerals in your office tap water from interfering with the cleaning process and prevent corrosion on your valuable instruments