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Dressing Aids

Mabis Dmi Heavy Duty Toe Nail Nipper
Maddak Elastic Shoe Laces 30 in. Black (Bag of 3 Pairs)  
Maddak Long Shoe Horns sock Remover
Shoehorn With T-Shaped Handle
Maddak Rigid Sock and Stocking Aid 
Maddak Sock Aid
Non Skid Shoe Cover fits Size 12 (Case of 300)
Mabis Dmi Small Button Aid and Zipper Pull
Mabis Dmi Dressing Aid Stick, 27 in.
Mabis Dmi Deluxe Sock Aid with Terry Cloth Cover
Mabis Dmi Reach Extender Kit
Mabis Dmi Long Handle Shoe Horn, 24 in.
Carex Enablers Zipper and Button Puller
Shoehorn Telescopic
Coccyx Gel Seat Cushion with Fleece Top 18 Wx16 D x 3
Pee-Wee Disposable Urinal
Suction Bath Footrest Safe-er-Grip
Hip Surgery Cushion with Carry Shoulder Strap 18 x 16 x 4
Razor Holder Long Handle
Self Wipe Long Range Comfort
Combination Dressing Stick & Shoe Horn 24
Self-Wipe Bathroom Toilet Aid
Slipper Socks; Small Red Pair
Slipper Socks; Med Green Pair
Slipper Socks; Large Sky Blue Pair
Slipper Socks; XL Beige Pair
Slipper Socks; XXL Grey Pair
Sock and Stocking Aid MBoss
Stocking Aid Compression with Heel Guide
Sock Aid Folding
Sock Aid Deluxe Terry Covered with Foam Handles
Shoe Laces Elastic -Brown 24 (Bag of 3 Pairs) - Non Retail Pack
Shoe Laces Elastic Black 30 (Pack of 3) pr.
Shoe Laces Elastic White 30 (Pack of 3) pr.
Shoe Laces Elastic Brown 30 (Pack of 3) pr.
Shoe Laces Coiler White (pr)
Shoe Laces Coiler Black (pr)
SafeHip Protector Male Small Hip Size 30 -37
SafeHip Protector Male Large Hip Size 39 -47
SafeHip Protector Male X-Large Hip Size 43 -55
Hip Surgery Cushion with Carry Shoulder Strap 18 x 16 x 6
Medical Identification Jewelry-Bracelet- Diabetic
Medical Identification Jewelry-Necklace- Diabetic
Medical Identification Jewelry-Bracelet- Heart
Medical Identification Jewelry-Necklace- Heart
Medical Identification Jewelry-Bracelet- Penicillin
Medical Identification Jewelry-Necklace- Penicillin
Medical Identification Jewelry-Bracelet- Epilepsy
Medical Identification Jewelry-Necklace- Epilepsy
Medical Identification Jewelry-Bracelet- Blank
Medical Identification Jewelry-Necklace- Blank
Medical Identification Jewelry-Necklace- Drug Allergy
Medical Identification Jewelry 24pc with Display Rack
Shoehorn Plastic 23
Travel John Disp Urinary Pouch Bx/3
Travel John Disp Urinary Pouch Juvenile Bx/3
Lotion Applicator
Roll Easy Lotion Applicator
Pee-Wee Disposable Urinal Display (24 Boxes of 3)
Combs-7 (Box of 12) Black Plastic
Combs Plastic 9 (Box of 12)
Saunders Sacroiliac Belt Medium 32 -42
Saunders Stabilization Pad
Kennedy Cup Spillproof
Comb Extended
Saunders Sacroiliac Belt Large 42 -52
Emery Boards 4 5/8 Bx/144
Ableware 735140000 Arthwriter Hand Aid
Ableware 736171000 Adult Adjustable Universal Cuff
Ableware 738130024 Perma-Ty Elastic Shoelaces White 24 Inch
Ableware 738130030 Perma-Ty Elastic Shoelaces White 30 Inch
Ableware 738140024 Perma-Ty Elastic Shoelaces Black 24 Inch
Ableware 738140030 Perma-Ty Elastic Shoelaces Black 30 Inch
Ableware 738150024 Perma-Ty Elastic Shoelaces Brown 24 Inch
Ableware 738150030 Perma-Ty Elastic Shoelaces Brown 30 Inch
Ableware 738230001 Dressing Long Shoehorn
Ableware 738500000 Mboss Sock and Stocking Aid with Ridges
Ableware 738520000 Deluxe Flexible Sock and Stocking Aid
Ableware 738550000 Heel Guide Compression Stocking Aid
Ableware 738811000 Combination Dressing Stick/Shoehorn
Ableware 738870000 Combination Button Aid/Zipper Pull
Ableware 766300000 Soft Touch Tuffet Foot/Leg Rest
Ableware 766900182 Closed-Cell Foam Tubing
Ableware 789000000 All Gel Toe Spreaders 2 Medium/2 Large
Ableware 789010000 All Gel Toe Separators 2 Small/2 Large
Ableware 789020000 Digital Cap with Spreader
Ableware 789030000 All Gel Bunion - Hallux
Ableware 789030001 All Gel Bunion - Tailors
Ableware 789040000 Digital Cap - Size Small/Medium
Ableware 789040001 Digital Cap - Size Large/X-Large
Ableware 789050000 Corn Pads - Pack of 2 Medium
Ableware 789060000 Gel Toe Tubes - Pack of 2
Ableware 789070000 Moisturizing Gel Heel Sleeve
Ableware 789080000 Slim Gel-Fit Bunion Sleeve
Ableware 789090000 Slim Gel-Fit Metatarsal Pad
Ableware 789100000 Achilles Heel Sleeve
Elastic Shoe and Sneaker Laces
Extra Long Shoe Horn
Extra Long Shoe Horn
Max Metal Shoe Horn
Stocking Aid

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Good Morning: This IS NOT A QUESTION, I just wanted to tell you how much my husband loves his Long Shoe Horn with Sock Remover that I purchased from you on January 13th. Each morning when he puts on his steel toed shoes he ... read more

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