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Duro-Med Posture Corrector Small Fits Size: 30" - 32"

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Duro-Med Posture Corrector

Duro-Med Posture Corrector Small

Duro-Med Posture Corrector is made with reinforced foam criss-cross bands for back support. Posture Corrector has a reinforced design that effectively helps restore posture and reduce back strain. The Posture Corrector also features hook and loop closure adjustments for custom fit. Reinforced, unisex design effectively helps restore posture and reduce back strain. Excellent aid for those with osteoporosis and postural conditions. Made with reinforced, crisscross foam bands for back support. Easy to wear under clothing. Comfortable cotton and Lycra® blend fabric. Hook and loop adjustment for a custom fit. Machine washable. Latex-free.

Chest Size: Small: Chest Size: 30" - 32"

Model Numbers # 632-6224-1921

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    Very Helpful

    Posted by Margaret of New Jersey on Mar 21st 2018

    I ordered large because other reviewers wrote that one should order larger size. I was surprised at how effortlessly it caused me to stand up straight. ( I found myself leaning over my books and tablet for hours and I needed something to remind me to straighten up ). This works. I would give it 5 stars but it has a small area under the arms that is irritating, so I put cotton padding there and it's comfortable. I am happy I bought it. I wear a t-shirt under it. Its thin enough to wear a blouse over it

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    Worth the money!

    Posted by Liz H. on Dec 25th 2017

    In only a week, my posture has improved markedly. The brace gently guides your shoulders to where they should be, so you feel where your body is meant be aligned without the brace, and are (hopefully) able to retain the posture after removing the brace. The alignment feels totally comfortable and natural, though as others have noted, the elastic does rub, jab, and pinch a bit, so definitely wear a T-shirt underneath (but once you have a shirt on under you'll barely notice it).But all in all, totally worth the money.

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    Works well for me

    Posted by Lynn on Nov 1st 2017

    I have been using the Duro-Med Posture Corrector for several weeks now and am very pleased with it. You do have to wear a shirt underneath to protect from the Teflon, but that has not been a problem. I have not had any problem with it, and know that if it begins to feel uncomfortable it is because I have started slouching and need to straighten up. That usually resolves the problem immediately. For people who may be wondering what size to get, I found that it "under the bust" measurement is what you should use.

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    I am pleased with this product

    Posted by Julie on Jan 17th 2017

    I am pleased with this product. As other reviewers have said before, it's no miracle worker, but it really does help! I slouch at my desk at work and this corrector certainly brings my shoulder blades back. I always force myself to sit that way without the corrector and it gets exhausting. This is much more comfortable and also provides a little support. As a female, I would recommend wearing a sports bra or a tank top under the corrector as the straps can rub your skin. I don't think there is any way to get around this with any product - the straps must pull your shoulders back and therefore a little skin along with it. Overall, very happy with this product!

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    So Glad I purchased this

    Posted by Manchester on May 3rd 2016

    As soon as I put it on, I could already feel a difference in my posture. (I did put it on over a thin shirt). I purchased this to help retrain my body how to hold itself and I'm glad I did. I not only have had issues with slouching while sitting at work, but also since I ride horses, I have always been told to bring my shoulders back. Now I can work towards having better equitation too. :)