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Exercise Band Latex Band - Green 6Y Dispenser

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Exercise Band Latex Band - Green 6Y Dispenser

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Exercise bands are low cost, portable and versatile resistance products with virtually unlimited uses for improving strength, mobility and flexibility. Endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), they are recognized worldwide as the original System of Progessive Resistance. Uses for the Bands include: exercise, gym, balance, fitness, birthing, yoga, pilates, stability, and resistance. Green Bands are heavy in resistance. Comes with 6 Yard Dispenser 20040 - Exercise Band Latex Band - Green 6Y Dispenser, 1 Each  
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    Very useful resistance bands

    Posted by Andres51 on Mar 3rd 2017

    Very useful for my purposes: Full stretch routine before my session of Olympic archery. I am 66 now and my back trapeziums muscles are in top shape. I am certain that with the right level of resistance, these bands should be very useful for therapies related to all major muscles. I strongly recommend these bands.

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    I'm a special education teacher, and I use the ...

    Posted by Joanna M. on Feb 16th 2016

    I'm a special education teacher, and I use the TheraBand as a support for my students who have ADHD. I tied a piece of the band between the two front legs of the students' chairs so that they can kick against it as they work. This allows my wiggly students to stay focused and on-task while getting their energy out in a non-disruptive way. There are bands sold specifically for this purpose, but they retail around $15 for a single band. I spent less than that on this entire roll of TheraBand, which was enough for 12 students' chairs. This may not be quite as durable, but it's been on their chairs for over two months and only one student's band has broken (and they often kick the band very hard - it's taken a lot of abuse).