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EZ-Access EZ0122BK Scooter Pack

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EZ-Access EZ0122BK Scooter Pack

The EZ_Access Scooter Pack is a spacious pack which has large privacy compartments to keep personal items handy. Features a carrying handle for use as a portable tote. Mesh sleeve easily slips over the back of seat for a comfortable and secure fit. Includes headrest grommets. Made of nylon.

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    Five Stars

    Posted by Tam on Jul 8th 2017

    This is the second one of these I have purchased and I was so happy they still had it. I bought the first one four years ago and it finally wore out.

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    Great Product

    Posted by Gary on May 14th 2017

    We purchased this for Great Grandma. She likes being able to put her drinks and other items in the basket and liner to travel with her.

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    Best adjustment, plenty room

    Posted by Bright on Feb 22nd 2017

    This is a very nice tote and accessories bag I put my wallet in it my medications, e cigarette's, cell phone, keys, and any thing I want to carry with me when I leave the house this is a must have for any one with a power chair I'm going to order me another one

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    A durable, easy to use tote

    Posted by Nancy on Jan 4th 2017

    This is the 2nd EZ-Access arm tote that I have purchased. The first lasted for several years but finally wore out. The material is very durable. I use it on both my manual wheelchair and my power chair. It is easy to transfer from chair to chair and has enough room to hold everything I want to carry with me.

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    Nice scooter bag

    Posted by PurpleRibbon on Nov 2nd 2016

    This is a nice, big, secure backpack that has benefits I love. Comfortable netting rather than the belt-type and the beverage holders on each side. It is big for my EV Rider Transport Scooter but I want to make it work Would be perfect on a larger-seat scooter.

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    Good value

    Posted by Chris on May 30th 2016

    I purchased this for a gift and the recipient was happy with the pouch. She felt as though the zipper was easy to open and the extra front pockets were very convenient.

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    This is 2nd one of these I bought. The exact same bag cost me $40 more from a medical supply store in Manhattan

    Posted by PaulaOwl on Mar 22nd 2013

    I first got this exact same model number EZ Access Walker Bag in January when I went to a medical supply store in Manhattan located near my doctor's office to buy an immediately needed walker. The bag cost me $59.95. It turned out to be much more useful than I thought it would be, particularly at my job. With the bag on the side of the walker, and with the zipper on the large pocket open, I am able to put a ream of paper in the bag to carry it to our copier. I am able to put a gallon size bottle of water in the same large pocket to carry it from the refrigerator to my office. Tonight we had a lecture presentation and I was able to fill the large pockets (having bought a 2nd bag which arrived yesterday) with spoons, a container of milk, a bottle of Coffee Mate, Sugar, foam cups, all to bring to the refreshment table in the room for the presentation. It feels good to be able to do these relatively simple chores again, and not depend upon others to do them, as I have had to do since 9 months ago when i first came down with a series of physical injuries which coincidentally led to a relapse of a plasma cell cancer which had been in remission for 14 years. I do only use the pockets for carrying items at work and at home. I use the walker outdoors only to walk from my house or from my office, or from one of my many medical appointments, to a waiting car service. The bag's zippered pocket stays closed and flat while outside, keeping the bag nice and flat and unobtrusive, as I feel I must be while outdoors. At 4'6", having lost over 5 inches in the past decade due to my illness, it had become very hard walking around the city's sidewalks filled with people so much taller, who it seemed were always walking into me, having not noticed me down there while talking on their cellphone. At home I add a removable tray to the walker, and now with two pockets, it has become so easy to transport things all over my house. So, I really love this walker bag for helping me feel so much less helpless than I did 2 months ago. And, as I stated up above, the 2nd bag that I bought thru amazon.com was 19.99, whereas the 1st bag cost me $59.95, which is a whopping $40 more, from a medical supply store in Manhattan. Oh, and I should mention how much less I saw the exact same Drive folding walker model selling for, than what I paid for it in the same medical supply store. Too upsetting, so I remind myself that I had no choice as I needed the walker immediately, and that was the price I paid for immediate.