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Adult Briefs

Wings Classic Adult Brief Medium 32 in. - 34 in. (Case of 96)
Wings Classic Adult Brief Large 45 in. - 58 in. (Case of 72)
Wings Choice Plus Brief Medium 32 in. - 34 in. (Case of 96)
Wings Choice Plus Brief Large 45 in. - 58 in. (Case of 72)
Wings Choice Plus Brief X-Large 59 in. - 64 in. (Case of 60)
Unigard Plus Adult Incontinent Brief - Uni Size Up To 48 " (cs of 100)
Dignity Plus Adult Fitted Brief, Large 45-58 in. (Bag of 12)
Attends Breathable Adult Briefs Medium (Case of 96)
Attends Breathable Adult Briefs Large (Case of 72)
Attends Breathable Adult Briefs X-Large (Case of 60)
Attends Briefs W/Perma-Dry & Waistb& - Med, 32-44 " (cs of 88)
Attends Briefs W/Perma-Dry and Waistband - Large, 45-58 " (Case of 72)
Underwear Disposable Medium 34 -46 Cs 4 pks/20
Underwear Disposable Large 44 -54 (4 Bxs/18) Total 72/cs
Wings Choice Plus Disp Briefs X-Lrg (up To 64 ) Cs/60
Wings Choice Plus Disp Briefs (Med 32 - 44 ) 8-Bgs/12
Wings Choice Plus Disp Briefs (Lrg 45 -58 ) 6-Bgs/12
Underpads 17 x24 3/36's Retail Pack
Abena AA43056 Abri-Form Premium Brief-Small Breathable Cloth-66/Case
Abena AA43063 Abri-Form Premium Brief-Medium Breathable Cloth-56/Case
Abena AA43068 Abri-Form Premium Brief-Large Breathable Cloth-48/Case
Abena AA43071 Abri-Form Premium Brief-XL Breathable Cloth-48/Case
Attends BR20 Poly Briefs-Medium-96/Case
Attends BR30 Poly Briefs-Large-72/Case
Attends BR40 Poly Briefs-XL-60/Case
Attends BRB20 Breathable Briefs-Medium-96/Case
Attends BRB25 Breathable Briefs-Regular-72/Case
Attends BRB30 Breathable Briefs-Large-72/Case
Attends BRB40 Breathable Briefs-XL-60/Case
Attends BRBC20 Value Tier Breathable Briefs-Medium-96/Case
Attends BRBC30 Value Tier Breathable Briefs-Large-72/Case
Attends BRBC40 Value Tier Breathable Briefs-XL-60/Case
Attends BRBX10 Extra Absorbent Breathable Briefs-Small-96/Case
Attends BRBX20 Extra Absorbent Breathable Briefs-Medium-96/Case
Attends BRBX30 Extra Absorbent Breathable Briefs-Large-72/Case
Attends BRBX40 Extra Absorbent Breathable Briefs-XL-60/Case
Attends BRNT20 Overnight Breathable Briefs-Med-36/Case
Attends BRNT30 Overnight Breathable Briefs-Large-28/Case
Attends BRNT40 Overnight Breathable Briefs-XL-28/Case
Attends BRW102088 Briefs Waistband Style, HHC-Med-88/Case
Attends BRW103036 Briefs Waistband Style-Large, Retail-36/Case
Attends BRW103072 Briefs Waistband Style, HHC-Large-72/Case
Covidien 1534 Surecare Fitted Brief-Large-72/Case
Covidien 60003 Wings Classic Brief Md-96/Case
Covidien 60003DP Wings Classic Adult Brief Med-96/Case
Covidien 60004 Wings Classic Brief Lg-72/Case
Covidien 60004DP Wings Classic Adult Brief Large-72/Case
Covidien 60010 Wings Classic Brief Xl-72/Case
Covidien 60010DP Wings Classic Adult Brief XL-72/Case
Covidien 60031 Wings Choice Plus Youth Brief-96/Case
Covidien 60031DP Wings Choice Plus Youth Discreet-96/Case
Covidien 60032 Wings Choice Plus Small Brief-96/Case
Covidien 60032DP Wings Choice Plus Sm Discreet-96/Case
Covidien 60033 Wings Choice Plus Medium Brief-96/Case
Covidien 60033DP Wings Choice Plus Med Discreet-96/Case
Covidien 60034 Wings Choice Plus Large Brief-72/Case
Covidien 60034DP Wings Choice Plus Lg Discreet-72/Case
Covidien 60035 Wings Choice Plus XL Brief-60/Case
Covidien 60035DP Wings Choice Plus Xlg, Dp-60/Case
Covidien 60043DP Contrd Trim Matt Brief W/Aqui Md-96/Case
Covidien 60044 Simplicity Adult Briefs-Large-72/Case
Covidien 60044DP Contrd Trim Matt Brief W/Aqui Lg-72/Case
Covidien 60045 Simplicity Adult Briefs-Extra Large-60/Case
Covidien 60045DP Wings Choice Xl Brief Discreet-60/Case
Covidien 6229 Simplicity Briefs w/ Flat Fold Design-Med-100/Case
Covidien 63013 Simplicity Adult Poly Briefs-Med-96/Case
Covidien 63014 Simplicity Adult Poly Briefs-Large-72/Case
Covidien 63062 Wings Hook & Loop Adult Briefs-Small-96/Case
Covidien 63063 Wings Hook and Loop Adult Briefs-Med-96/Case
Covidien 63064 Wings Hook and Loop Adult Briefs-Lg-72/Case
Covidien 63065 Wings Hook and Loop Adult Briefs-Xlg-60/Case
Covidien 63072 Wings Hook and Loop Adult Briefs-Sm-96/Case
Covidien 63073 Wings Hook and Loop Adult Briefs-Med-96/Case
Covidien 63074 Wings Hook and Loop Adult Briefs-Lg-72/Case
Covidien 63075 Wings Hook and Loop Adult Briefs-XLg-60/Case
Covidien 640 Simplicity Briefs w/ Flat Fold Design-Lge-100/Case
Covidien 65034 Simplicity Quilted Brief-Large-72/Case
Covidien 65034R Simplicity Quilted Brief-Large-100/Case
Covidien 65035 Simplicity Quilted Brief-Extra Large-60/Case
Covidien 65035R Simplicity Quilted Brief-XL-100/Case
Covidien 66032 Wings Choice Plus Quilted Brief-Sm-96/Case
Covidien 66033 Wings Choice Plus Quilted Brief-Med-96/Case
Covidien 66034 Wings Choice Plus Quilted Brief- Lg-72/Case
Covidien 67033 Wings Quilted Overnight Briefs-Med-96/Case
Covidien 67034 Wings Quilted Overnight Briefs-Lg-72/Case
Covidien 67035 Wings Quilted Overnight Briefs-XL-60/Case
Covidien 67093 Wings 2XL Adult Brief-48/Case
Covidien 67095 Wings Bariatric Adult Brief-32/Case
Prevail IB-012/1 Briefs - Medium - 96/Case
Prevail IB-013/1 Briefs - Large - 72/Case
Prevail IB-014/1 Briefs - Extra Large - 64/Case
Prevail NTB-012/1 Night Time Brief - Medium - 96/Case
Prevail NTB-013/1 Night Time Brief - Large - 72/Case
Prevail NTB-014 Extended Wear Night Time Brief - Extra Large - 60/Case
Prevail NU-012/1 NuFit Brief - Medium - 96/Case
Prevail NU-013/1NuFit Brief - Large - 72/Case
Prevail NU-014/1 NuFit Brief - Extra Large - 60/Case
Prevail PF-012/1 PerFit Brief - Medium - 96/Case
Prevail PF-013/1 PerFit Brief - Large - 72/Case
Prevail PF-014/1 PerFit Brief - Extra Large - 60/Case
Prevail PF-016/1 PerFit Brief - Regular - 80/Case
Prevail PV-011 Briefs - Small Adult - 96/Case
Prevail PV-013/1 Briefs - Large - 64/Case
Prevail PV-015 Briefs - Youth - 96/Case
Prevail PV-017 Bariatric Briefs - 2XL - 48/Case
Prevail PV-094 Bariatric Briefs-40/Case
Prevail PV-511 Pull-on Brief - Small - 88/Case
Prevail PV-512 Pull-on Brief - Medium - 80/Case
Prevail PV-513 Pull-on Brief - Large - 72/Case
Prevail PV-514 Pull-on Brief - Extra Large - 56/Case
Prevail PV-517 Pull-on Brief - 2XL - 48/Case
Prevail PVB-012/2 Breezer Brief - Medium - 96/Case
Prevail PVB-013/2 Breezer Brief - Large - 72/Case
Prevail PVB-014/1 Breath Brief - Extra Large - 60/Case
Prevail PVB-016/1 Breezer Brief - Regular - 80/Case
Prevail PVR-512 Adjustable Brief - Medium - 72/Case
Prevail PVR-513 Adjustable Brief - Large - 64/Case
Prevail SF-A Stretch Fit Brief - 96/Case
Prevail SF-B Stretch Fit Brief - 96/Case
Tranquility 2108 XXL-Plus Premium Daytime Disposable Underwear 48/Case
Tranquility 2120 SlimLine Disposable Diaper Brief (Small) 100/case
Tranquility 2122 SlimLine Disposable Fitted Brief (Medium) 96/Case
Tranquility 2132 SlimLine Disposable Fitted Brief (Large) 96/Case
Tranquility 2134 SlimLine Disposable Fitted Brief (XLarge) 72/Case
Tranquility 2166 Extra Small Slimline Briefs 100/Case
Tranquility 2183 XSmall All Through The Night Briefs 100/Case
Tranquility 2184 All-Through-The-Night Disposable Briefs (Sm) 100/Case
Tranquility 2185 All-Through-The-Night Disposable Briefs-Med-96/Case
Tranquility 2186 All-Through-The-Night Disposable Briefs-Large-96/Case
Tranquility 2187 All-Through-The-Night Disposable Briefs-XL-72/case
Tranquility 2190 XL+ Bariatric Disposable Brief 32/Case
Tranquility 2192 Hi-Rise Bariatric Brief-32/Case
Tranquility 2195 Air-Plus Bariatric Brief-32/Case
Tranquility 2307 Extra Large Breathable Brief 72/Case
Tranquility 2311 Small Smartcore Brief 100/Case
Tranquility 2312 Medium Smartcore Brief 96/Case
Tranquility 2313 Large Smartcore Brief 96/Case
Tranquility 2314 Extra Large Smartcore Brief 72/Case
Tranquility 2315 XXL Smartcore Brief 32/Case
Select 2620 Disposable Briefs (small) 100/Case
Select 2624 Disposable Briefs (medium) 96/Case
Select Soft N Breathable Disposable Briefs 2627 (medium) 96/Case
Select Soft N Breathable Disposable Briefs 2628 (large) 72/Case
Select Soft N Breathable Disposable Briefs 2629 (Extra large) 64/Case
Select 2634 Disposable Briefs (large) 72/Case
Tena 61390 2XL Stretch Briefs, Ultra Absorbency 64/case
Tena 66100 Ultra Small Moderate/Heavy Brief 96/Case
Tena 67200 Ultra Briefs Medium Moderate/Heavy 80/Case
Tena 67201 Ultra Briefs Regular Moderate/Heavy 80/Case
Tena 67300 Ultra Briefs Large Moderate/Heavy 80/Case
Tena 67401 Super Medium Maximum Absorbency Briefs 56/Case
Tena 67501 Super Large Maximum Absorbency Briefs 56/Case
Tena 67720 Classic Brief - Medium 100/case
Tena 67730 Classic Brief - Regular 100/case
Tena 67740 Classic Brief - Large 100/case
Tena 67750 Classic Brief - Extra Large 100/case
Tena 67802 Ultra Stretch Medium/Regular Briefs 72/Case
Tena 67803 Ultra Stretch Large/Extra Large Briefs 72/Case
Tena 67902 Super Stretch Medium/Regular Briefs 56/Case
Tena 67903 Super Stretch Large/Extra Large Briefs 56/Case
Tena 68010 Ultra Extra Large Briefs Moderate/Heavy 60/Case
Tena 68011 Super Extra Large Briefs Maximum Absorbency 60/Case

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