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Inflatable EZ-Shampoo Basin

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EZ Shampoo Inflatable Shampoo Basin for the disabled

Inflatable EZ-Shampoo Basin:

When inflatable wash basin is inflated by mouth or air pump, the specially designed EZ-Shampoo forms a secure, form fitting basin that comfortably cushions the patients neck and shoulders. A conventional drain hose efficiently removes soap suds and water from the inflatable wash basin. All thats required for cleanup is to towel dry the rinsed out sink, deflate, and fold up for prompt storage in a space as small as a folded towel. Its that easy. Shampoo Basin is made of heavy-duty vinyl that will last for years.


  • PORTABLE SHAMPOO BASIN MAKES IT EASY to wash a loved one or patients hair who is on long-term bed rest or who has limited mobility
  • EASY TO INFLATE AND DEFLATE and stores compactly when not in use
  • Lightweight and compact in size
  • Shampoo Basin is 28"W x 24"L and 6" deep
  • Double-tube design prevents splashing and spilling
  • Comfortable, convenient and portable; it even has a little built-in pillow for the head.
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    Awesome product

    Posted by Deb on Feb 2nd 2018

    This is an awesome product. Perfect for soaking my dreads. Just wish the part that was meant as a “pillow” inside was a little lower to allow my head to sit in the water more.

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    A must for someone stuck in bed

    Posted by C. pola on Apr 17th 2017

    This was a god send for my sister who had a fractured femur and in stuck in bed. It worked perfectly! Did not get a drop of water in the bed, she was comfortable and thrilled to get her hair washed.

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    Great Invention!

    Posted by kc5 on Dec 28th 2016

    If you have had to wash someones hair in the bed you know how difficult this can be. i have done it several times without this product. Mom has a neck injury. Thus the Shampoo basin....This is a great invention. There is a head rest within the tub for patients support, & drain hose. I had two large containers one for clean water and the same size for draining. We needed to color moms hair and wash. I did put plastic and towels under it to be safe. Sometimes you may have to pinch the drain hose to help the flow. Mom was comfortable and it got the job done!

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    Excellent but could be better!

    Posted by Dragonquad on Sep 30th 2016

    I have purchased and used this product throughout many years of being a quadriplegic living in a hospital setting. It is the best solution to an individual that is bed bound. However it could be produced much better with a higher quality of materials. I have had some that had burst during the washing process as the seam between parts of the basin had burst open. The drainage tube as well could be manufactured with a higher gauge of rubber/plastic so that the tube is not permanently kinked to provide better drainage. Small Improvements in the quality of the product are needed but overall an excellent solution to washing one's hair.

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    BUY THIS! Durable and works GREAT... + you certainly WON'T get anything better in stores.

    Posted by T. Smith on Nov 2nd 2015

    I bought this shampoo basin for my elderly Grandmother who wanted me to wash her hair. There are other ways to wash a bed-ridden person's hair; however I found those techniques to be quite hard and somewhat frustrating. Why not buy a shampoo basin that allows less strain on the washer's back and more comfort for the person having their hair washed? I searched for days for a shampoo basin in stores which only resulted in my purchasing it onsoymedical. So glad I did, because I also purchased the water hose. The material is durable and very easy to inflate + deflate. YOU WILL NEED A PUMP TO INFLATE (it does NOT come with one). I used my fitness ball pump to inflate it and that did the job well.

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    Works great! We appreciate!

    Posted by myinak on Oct 10th 2014

    Works great! I usually leave the plug out and let it drain into a bucket while I am washing the hair. It totally beats using those disposable shampoo caps (those definitely have a use and I do appreciate them). This allows you to use your own shampoo and conditioner and have water the temperature you want it. The person we use it on has short hair so I cannot speak for long hair. It did help us get all the hair off of him after a haircut. Worked perfect out of the box. I do sometimes have to make sure the hose is lower than the basin to ensure drainage, but not that big of an issue- you just have to watch it.

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    Stubborn Mom liked this product

    Posted by Pottymouth on Sep 1st 2012

    2 thumbs up for this product. It ended up working out very well for a stubborn Mom who can't get around too well. It held the water pretty well; around the neck area a little escaped, but that was probably more my fault then the product as I wanted to do a thorough shampoo job; I put a couple of towels underneath to fix that problem. Its well built, and the drain valve is pretty cool! It's not really easy to take the basin and dump it with the water in it, so the drain into the bucket works really well. Its a quality product, and really solves an issue when you have an elderly parent who can't get around very well. Btw, as far as the pump issue, if you are a slacker like me and really didn't feel like getting an extra pump, you dont have to. If you have a healthy set of lungs, you can fill it by mouth with no problem, and just leave it filled after that for next time. To summarize, a comfortable, decently built solution for a big problem under 20 beans. She found it comfortable as well, and the little head support inside the basin is a big plus.