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PikStik Pro Reacher 26 inch

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PikStik Pro Reacher 26 inch

PikStik reachers let you retrieve or put away items safely without undue stretching, bending and straining. Durable, safe and lightweight designs make these the ideal reachers for any purpose. Comes In Varying Length To Meet All Your Needs. Virtually Indestructable And Very Lightweight.

Size: 26 Inches Long;

Weight Limit 5 Lbs.

Color: Yellow.

P261 - 26" Pikstik pro yellow, 1 Each

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    I've tried a few other reachers and this is the best! Buy a few now

    Posted by Tracy Guilbeau on Jan 18th 2018

    Best "reacher" I've found - and I've tried a number, over the years. Most are too long and too wobbly - can't reach a cake mix down out of the cupboard, or a can of peas. This one is strong enough to clutch the can of peas, and short enough to balance it well. I bet I could carry that can of peas all over the house securely. It's good for moderate sized books in the tall bookcase too. But it will also pick a kleenex off the floor. And it's handy too that the gripping end can swivel 90 degrees so you can still hold your hand in a strong position but grab something of a different shape. I'm going to order another one!

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    Great grabber and has good pick up power.

    Posted by Boilermate on Aug 3rd 2017

    My pantry cabinets are over 90" high, and even with a step stool, and sliding shelves, things are hard to reach. Solves the problem, and also, at least for some of the lower shelves (I'm short), solves going up and down the ladder 5X for ever meal I cook. Cooking dinner is no longer step aerobics at my house. Great product, fits around most jars, bottles, and cans. You do need to be able to grip firmly to pick up heavier items, just as you would without using a reacher. Love it!

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    Very Handy Item!

    Posted by R.M.Mayhew on May 17th 2017

    I am a short female who often has problems reaching things in upper cupboards and such. A few years back, my husband bought me a PikStik Pro aluminum reacher, which has come in quite handy. In fact, I purchased a few more so they are readily available throughout the house. (A PikStik would actually come in handy at the grocery store instead of looking for a tall person to get something down for me, but I decided it would look too corny!) Not only do I use the PikStik to get all sorts of things down, I also use it to grab something that falls behind the couch or to grab something out of a deep bin/box. The PikStik is definitely a useful tool to have; would recommend.

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    I love this!!

    Posted by Jeremy Payne on Jun 20th 2016

    I have several around the house for reaching high on shelves and low on the floor. It is a lifesaver if you have back pain. I had two older ones break on me (a little plastic bolt fell out) and the company sent me 2 new ones. They didn't have to do that but I really appreciate it and it makes me believe they care about their product. I've since bought more. I've tried a few other reachers and this is the best! Buy a few now