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SNAPP 2.0 with Mask Adjustable Headgear, Large

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SNAPP 2.0 with Mask Adjustable Headgear, Large

Snapp 2.0 direct nasal interface features & benefits exclusive snapp bellows cushioning bellows expand & compress with patient movement.provides a comfortable, secure seal even for those active patients. New quieter exhalation port array quiet airflow, even at high pressures. Airflow directed down & away from bed partner. Unique heagear attachement tabs reduced torque on swivel elbows. Enhanced stability & reduced risk of disconnects patent pending nasal prong design no internal pressure points to cause nasal irritation. Special 3600 swivel elbows patients may choose their preference how to wear snapp 2.0 direct nasal interface. Swivel enables the cushion to self-adjust to correct angle for prong insertion in any position. Sizes (without headgear): Large. Snapp 2.0 direct nasal interface headgear fully adjustable style. Straps at top of the head allow snapp 2.0 direct nasal interface to be worn in an over the head position. 11687 - Snapp 2.0 with adjustbale headgear, large, 1/ea