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Handmaster Plus - Medium for Strength Training - Red

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Handmaster Plus - Medium for Strength Training - Red

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Handmaster Plus - Medium for Strength Training - Red

Strengthen all the muscles in your hand with one simple exercise tool! The Handmaster Plus™ will help you build strength, muscle balance, speed and stamina for sports or everyday activities. Available in three resistances: soft, medium and firm.

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    5.0 out of 5 starsI Might Come Out of Bowling Retirement!

    Posted by Principaled Reviewer on Feb 15th 2014

    I received the Handmaster Plus and started exercising my hand. I did this for about a month and found that my pain went away and my strength came back. This is really simple to use... you put your fingers in the black holes and go back and forth between pulling. One day I took my son bowling. I bowled better than ever, sending the ball down the lane with strength and accuracy... not my normal bowling. But somewhere in there, I threw the ball so hard I thought I broke a finger. I talked with my doctor who said I probably just strained the tendon (or something in there). He suggested that I get a Handmaster Plus and begin to exercise my hand and fingers. your fingers out and then squeezing the ball. So easy.

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    Handy and simple

    Posted by Customer on Feb 15th 2012

    I bought this device because I was looking on line for a friend who has Carpal Tunnel, after I read the information on it, I decided to by it. I play guitar and it's been a great warm up exercise before playing. No more cramps, this might be an untapped market segment for this device, simple, straight forward and quick. And it works !