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Ilex Skin Protectant Paste 2 oz. Tube

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Medcon Biolab Tech. Ilex Skin Protectant Paste, 2 Oz Tube

Ilex Skin Protectant Paste, 2 Oz Tube

Ilex Skin Protectant Paste is a topical Hydro Active skin barrier that seals out wetness to heal and protect severely damaged skin. It is the only skin protectant that provides a 0.00cm/hr moisture penetration rate. Ilex cream is designed to provide soothing, healing relief to patients who suffer from skin breakdown and irritation. By easing the discomfort, this non-toxic petrolatum-based product may actually decrease the need for pain and anxiety medications. Ilex does not contain alcohol or latex, so its safe to use on the most fragile skin such as neonates. Particularly effective against digestive and urinary acids.

  • Creates a moist environment that helps prevent infection and maximizes healing.
  • Adheres to moist weeping tissue.
  • Washes off easily with soap and water.
  • Soft, flexible and easy to apply.
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    Posted by JB on Aug 16th 2018

    This is the best protectant on the market, Nothing will get through this barrier so the rash can heal without further irritation.

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    Amazing product!

    Posted by Kari A. Ruble on May 11th 2018

    Totally worth the cost. My baby had terrible diaper rash and nothing was working. This stuff cleared it up..... This just keeps it from sticking to the diaper or other parts of the skin.

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    The best diaper rash protectant!

    Posted by Selyna Velez on Apr 23rd 2018

    Works great!

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    Wonderful, wonderful!

    Posted by Wald on Apr 5th 2018

    There is nothing better than Ilex for raw, excoriated skin. This was a godsend for my son with Hirschsprung's disease.

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    Great product!

    Posted by AmandaK on Jun 15th 2017

    My son had the worst diaper rash I'd ever seen. His booty was raw, blistered and bleeding. My cousin recommended it to me and wow. It's amazing. His booty was completely normal within two days!