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Torbot Skin Tac H Adhesive Barrier Wipes (Box of 50)

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Torbot Skin Tac H Adhesive Barrier Wipes (Box of 50)

Skin Tac Adhesive Barrier Prep Wipes

Skin Tac Adhesive Barrier Prep Wipes have two main uses. They provide a tacky surface for you to easily fix any dressings or tapes to, and they provide an effective barrier between your skin and those dressings. This product can be used by anyone, as it is hypo-allergenic and latex free.

Skin Tac Adhesive Barrier Prep Wipes Benefits:

  • No Technical Knowledge Required: Extremely simple to use.
  • Provides Barrier On Skin: Protects your skin from any adverse effects that may come from contact with dressings or tapes.
  • Easy To Remove: The most you will ever need to remove this product is a small amount of alcohol.
  • Easy-Fixing: The wipes provide a tacky surface that it is easy to fix dressings and tapes to.
  • Hypoallergenic And Latex Free: Skin Tac Adhesive Barrier Prep Wipes can be used by people who have allergic reactions to other products, including those who are allergic to latex.


  • For use as a skin adhesive only.
  • Suitable for home use.
  • Travel sized for convenience.
  • Alcohol may be required for removal.
  • Each wipe is individually packaged.
  • Do not use any product if the packet has already been opened.
  • 5
    Great stuff for sweaty diabetics!

    Posted by R. Rowe on Apr 12th 2016

    Great stuff, very tacky and my Dexcom cgm stuck on really well without the need for Rock tape for almost two weeks. A little overkill for infusion set unless you sweat more than ten pigs; I'm right at that one of level so the tacky skin is more trouble than the benefit. Tip; use alcohol prep pad to clean off the tacky stuff on over wipe area. Great stuff for sweaty diabetics!

  • 5
    Extra stickage for my Dexcom G4 sensor

    Posted by Tyler on Aug 12th 2015

    This product is AWESOME! I am so glad my endocrinologist recommended this to me when I came in for my monthly visit. I am a recently diagnosed Type 1 diabetic and the use of this product when applying my Dexcom G4 CGM sensor has made the sensor stay applied to my skin well past the regular seven day period. Before using this product, I had trouble keeping the sensor on for the full week. The edges usually began peeling up around day five and using medical tape certainly didn't help keep it down longer. This Skin-tac product creates that extra sticky barrier between the skin and adhesive that helps keep the sensor on for the longest period. I am so glad I found this product on soymedical. I would definitely recommend these wipes to any of my fellow diabetic friends out there who need that extra stickage when wearing a continuous glucose monitor sensor or an insulin pump. Well worth the price! For me, it's simply a must have now.